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Where would you go?

20 Apr

I want to know what you would do, if you would rather go somewhere other than the places I have listed, feel free to tell me where. (:


Style Who? YOU!

14 Apr

Everyone has that dream job that they wish they could have, these jobs can be anywhere from an actress or singer to a professional athlete or supermodel. For me, one of my few dream jobs, is to be a stylist. The idea of getting to dress people up in clothes that I think are cute, as a job ,just sounds way to good to be true. But like I said before these are “dream jobs”, so instead of waiting for my one in a million chance to style people, I’m just going to start now. That’s right, if you would like me to help you pick out clothes and style  a few outfits, I would really love to! Its  one of those win win situation type things, I have a wonderful time styling you and you will look very stylish too!  So, if anyone is interested, just let me know. (:        xoxo

I want to hear from you!!

1 Apr

Hey there, I know I have not posted any new stuff in a while. I am currently on vacation in California but I am working on some stuff. I just wanted to put out there that if anyone has any suggestions on things that I should post about or need some fashion advice I would absolutely love to hear from you. You can leave me comments or ask questions on my formspring ( and I will repost those questions on this site.  Those of you on Spring Break like me, enjoy the rest of your vacation. (:

xoxo Becca