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White Wonders

29 Jun

Wedding dress. To so many women, its a dress they dream about from the time they are just a little girl. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and it is so important that a bride looks like a dream on her wedding day. Although I dont see myself getting married for a very long time, I still think that wedding dresses are extemely elegant and beautiful. I find myself watching Say Yes To The Dress quite a bit. So, here are a few wedding dresses that I thought were exceptionally wonderful, so much so that I decided to post them for all of my followers. Enjoy. (:



10 Jun

I have always been interested in photography, but just recently my interest has grown bigger for it. Just a few days ago I photographed my two younger sisters and the pictures turned out better that I could hope. I think it is so fun, and I am looking for some friends that I could borrow for a photo shoot! I will get you all dolled  up and pick out your outfit. Then you just look beautiful for me and take a few pictures. It’s that simple. So contact me if you want to set up a date! (:


Swimsuit Suited For You!

10 Jun

We all want what we can’t have. When we see that really cute swimsuit on the rack we instantly fall in love with it and the idea that it will look good on. So you buy the swimsuit and once you put it on, it’s not what you imagined it would be. The thing is, everyone has a different body type and that swimsuit might not be ment for you.  So shop for a swimsuit that will look good on you and that you like. Here are just a few tips to use when looking for that perfect swimsuit.

Full Bust Those of you who have been blessed with a nice full chest can get really annoyed when no swimsuit top in this world will cover you up. So next time your shopping for a new swimsuit, step away from the triangle bikini and slip on a bandeau with a halter strap like this one below.

(available at Zumies. Top-$24.95 and Bottom-$24.95)

Small Bust-Well those of you with a small chest are either one of two things. Your either fine with the fact that your boobs are big or you want them to appear bigger. If you are stuck on option two, then here’s the answer….You need ruffles. ruffles are proven to make you chest look bigger than it really is.

(available at Pac Sun. Top-$19.50 and Bottom-$19.50)

Curvy thighs Those of you with thighs that aren’t the smallest there is an an easy fix to making it not so noticeable. All you have to do is cover them a little more and show off more of your stomach. Get a swimsuit bottom that has a little skirt over it or is just a little longer.


(available at Tillys. Bottom-$24.99 and Top-$24.99)

Flat Booty- Last but not least, a flat butt is not a big deal, but it is to some people. So if you have a flat toosh, try getting a swimsuit bottom with more details such as bows or ruffels.

(available at Zumies. Top-$29.99 and Bottom-$29.99)

I sure hope this helps you at a little next time you are shopping for the perfect swimsuit! (:


My Headband.

9 Jun

I know that after Rachel Berry on Glee sang her original song “My Headband” I realized just how much I love my headbands and headbands in general. They are the perfect way to spice up a messy bun, braid, or pony tail or even just add that extra flair to a straight or curly hairstyle. No matter if they are big or small, chunky or thin, or if that have a lot going on or are just simple, the bottom line is HEADBANDS ROCK! (:


Going YouTube?

8 Jun

Well, followers, I think I may start posting some videos to YouTube! My wonderful friend, Megan Ford  and a few others, have suggested the idea of putting up tutorials on YouTube of how to pick outfits and hair and make-up tips. I would really love to do this but I am not going to of they are not going to be put to use or even enjoyed. So, let me know if this is something that I should take up or if I should just stick to what I have going on here. And DON’T forget, I still would like to hear some ideas from YOU, my viewers/followers. The other day I tried posting a comment on here and it is not that hard, so please leave comments! I know it doesn’t post them right away because it sends them to me to make sure that I approve them, but still, lets hear from you!! Again, thanks for reading and keep spreading the word!


Give me an answer! (:

8 Jun


Whats your fancy?

6 Jun

what type of purse do you prefer?


































Leave me a comment, and let me know! (: xoxo-Becca!




Runway Spring/Summer 2011

5 Jun

I took some time to check out some of my favorite designers for their new 2011 lines that have just recently hit the runway. On my quest, I found a few other treasures from some designers that I had yet to hear about.









This fabulous ensemble is a new Alexander McQueen. I love the color and the details, the bottom has to be my favorite part about it though. (:







I love Banana Republic and this outfit is why! I love this whole outfit, the dress it to die for, the jacket is great and could be paired with so many different things. I could see myself wearing this! (:











This little BCBG dress is just so cute, I love the color and the pleading. It’s just so sweet. (:








This Diane Von Furstenburg outfit is super trendy,I love the shirt and the shoes, they go really well together. The pants are also really cute. (: