Coming soon to a Peaceluvandfashion blog near you!

10 Jul

Dear Followers,

              I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy with how well Peaceluvandfashion is going, so I would just like to send out a BIG thank you to all of you who read my blog, it is greatly appreciated. Just the other day I went over the 600 view mark, and that is huge for me! My goal is to hit 1,000 views by the last day in July. I can’t do this alone so I need all of your help by spreading the word to everyone you think would be interested in reading my blog.

            Now, on to the next order of business. I have a book that I write all of my random ideas to blog about, I call it “THE book”. “THE book” is running a little low on ideas and I just want to welcome suggestions from any of my readers. Y0u can leave me a comment here, or if you are my friend on facebook, leave me a comment there. If you feel like I might think your suggestion is stupid, anonymously send it to me on formspring ( All of the ideas I get, whether I think they are good at the time or not, get written down into “THE book”. So please, don’t be shy, if there is something you want fashion advice on, or want to read more about a certain aspect of style that I am just not covering, LET ME KNOW! (:

            Alright, well last but not least, I have received an anonymous suggestions that I should start posting pictures of outfits that I actually wear. So I have three things to say about that. First, a big thank you to the person that sent me that suggestion. Second, yes, I have wanted to start doing that. A lot of other fashion blogs that I follow myself do that and I really like the idea. Third, I have put that idea into motion and am starting to work on it. I havent quite decided what I plan to do exactly yet, but it’s coming so stay tuned. Another idea that I have got from someone is the whole YouTube tutorial idea, and I am also working on that too so everyone just hold tight and new and wonderful things will soon be coming to all of you.

           Again, thanks all of you so much. I am soooo very grateful to each and every one of you dedicated readers. Without you guys, Peaceluvandfashion is nothing. Keeps spreading the word and remember I am trying to hit 1,000 views by the last day of July! Stay classy. (:


One Response to “Coming soon to a Peaceluvandfashion blog near you!”

  1. Alyssa July 11, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    So many new things are happening!!! I am excited because your blog is simply awesome!

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