Happy Feet

10 Jul

High heels are a must. Whether you are rockin’ stilettos or pumps, when you slip on a pair they any girl feel like a million bucks and usually make the pain worth it, remember, beauty is pain, dolls. (:

Personally, I think that you HAVE to start your shoe collection with the basics. Every girl needs just a simple black heel. The pair of heels dont have to be extravagant but just a heel that you can pair with anything.

Then, once you have the basic’s, you can move on to more fun heels. Heels that you wont be able to wear with everything, but you buy just because. I really love the material on these pumps. I love the pink, and I have also seen this same style in a red material that I really love. I have some in black, kinda like this.

I am realizing now that red high heels are actually a basic and that I should have put them up with the black ones, but oh well! Yes, I think that every girl should have a pair of bold red high heels. No particular style, you just need a pair. (;

Honestly, I don’t think that sparkly heels are for everyone. You would really have to know how to pull it off. I think they are brilliant but you have to be careful. My best advice on how to pull of the sparkly heel would to pair it with something simple, they are more dressy so I would put them together with a simple, but yet elegant black dress.

Alright, the whole floral print heel trend is kinda new to me, but I really do like it. I love floral prints. And now, the sock going with the heels is a new thing to me, but I really like it actually. I know people have been wearing socks with their heels but I have never seen it done with a floral print. I approve this style, its cute. (:


2 Responses to “Happy Feet”

  1. Alyssa July 10, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    Love the floral ones! I don’t think I would be brave enough to wear them with socks though. 🙂

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