12 Jul

Alright, Who Wore It Better’s are like my favorite thing ever! So, here are 5 looks on 2 different people and I will tell you who I think wore it better than you decided for yourself! Leave a comment if you feel like it!

 Carmen Electra or Paris Hilton? This one is kinda tough. The dress that they are both wearing is really plain and needs to be dressed up, so even though she kinda looks mismatched, I’m going to say Paris Hilton wore it better.

 Katie Holmes or Mary-Kate Olsen? Well, they both almost have this look the same way the only reason that I am going to pick Mary-Kate Olsen is because that sweater Katie Holmes has on is killing the whole outfit.

Blake Lively or Cameron Diaz? Cameron Diaz wins this one. Blake Lively tried to dress the mini dress up a little too much by adding black closed toed shoes. The dress is more casual, Cameron Diaz did a nice job keeping it casual.

 Lauren Conrad or Kim Kardashian? I love this top, I love LC, and I love Kim K. But I think that Lauren Conrad wore it better.

Kimora Lee Simmons or Kristen Stewart? Most definitely Kristen Stewart. Kimora made a bad decision pairing the mini dress with those black what look to be leather leggings and ankle boots. Eww.

One Response to “W.W.I.B!”

  1. Alyssa July 12, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

    What the heck was Kimora thinking??

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