Fashion ‘NO NO’s’

31 Jul

There are many times when I see people and just wonder how they are going about their buisness and don’t even realize that they are making a ‘Fashion No No’. I mean sure, some people don’t have exceptional style, but there are just a few rules that EVERY lady needs to know. These are my top five ‘Fashion No No’s’.

1. Black with Brown: There are no cases in which brown and black should be mixed. Brown and black are to primary fashion colors, black can go with almost anything and brown goes with a lot of things too. So if you want to improve your style, no brown pants with black shoes. Or any mixture of black and brown. Period.

2.Pocketless Butts: I personally do not think that jeans should ever be made without rear end pockets. To me it just makes the jeans look cheap. In some cases jeans with the back pockets missing might be okay, but there are not many.

3.To Many Stripes: All I am going to say about this one is, don’t mix your vertical and horizontal stripes! ITS WRONG!

4.Glitter Jeans: I thought that this was a trend for young girls but I guess I was wrong. The other day I did see glitter jeans in the juniors department. Dont get me wrong, I love glitter but just not on my jeans.

5. High School Dance Shoes Recycled: I have no problem if you wear the shoes you bought to go with your homecoming dress with another type of dress. But, I do have a problem when your incorporate them into your everyday shoe collection. You know the shoes I am talking about, the little strapy silver ones. YA, save them for the dance!



One Response to “Fashion ‘NO NO’s’”

  1. Alyssa July 31, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    You crack me up!!! Good post!

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