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I <3 Boots!

26 Oct

Well, anonymous person who asked for the post on boots, here it is!

There are all kinds of boots, you do not necessarily have to get ones with heels, there are all kinds. I am going to share with you a few of my favorites. (:


<3well first of all, this is a bad example, second of all I don’t really have a name for these, I just call them the Peter Pan Boot. These would really look better in black leather. Could pair them with a variety of things from skinny jeans tucked in to tights and a dress.

<3These boots are not for everyone, you have to have the right stuff to pull them off. They are really edgy and I would wear them with a mini skirt and maybe printed tights.

<3Something about rain boots just make me smile. I think if you do buy rain boots, you cant plain on wearing them often and I would just wear them with a plainer outfit and let the boots get all of the attention.

<3Of course, everyone needs a pair or two of handy, dandy Uggs! They don’t have to be real ones, I actually recommend buying the knock offs. Its hard to keep Uggs looking good. I actually have this same exact pair, and they are ruined.

<3The ankle high cowboy boot, good for lots of things. Just play with them because they could look good on some people with jeans and others not so much. I usually wear mine with dresses, but everyone is different!






26 Oct

I realize that it has been a while since I have posted anything. I have needed to take a break from writing my blog. But now, I think I am ready to come back!! Wooohooo! So, its fall, probably my most favorite season all around. First there is the change in the weather and surroundings. The leaves start to change color and it gets a little cooler outside. Then there is the seasonal scents and flavors, most important, my favorite PUMPKIN! And last but not least, probably the best part about the fall, is the FASHION! Its time to whip out those boots, sweaters, and light coats. There is something about fall fashion that is better than all the seasons. For one its not too cold, so you don’t have to bundle up too much, but then again its not to warm either so you can wear some cute jeans and nice pair of boots. I have received an anonymous request on my formspring about boots so I will be posting about that next. But in the mean time, I want to stay with the current season here and focus a lot on fall. So if anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. let me know so I can help you! Happy Fall, Followers. (: